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Massive Saving In Plastic Injection and Blow Moulding Parts!

PJ-300H Profile Projector

:: Features
* Medium-size model that features high versatility and easy operation.
* Digital readout protractor screen facilitates angle measurement.
* Easy-to-read digital YX-coordinate counters are located near the projection screen to minimize eye-movement.
* Floating-type table (X-direction only for speedy measurement.

Granite Surface Plate

:: Features
* Natural granite seasoned for thousands of years is free from deterioration or dimensional change over time. 
* Granite surface plate has many advantages over cast iron surface plates :
*Twice as hard as cast iron.
*Minimal changes in dimension due to temperature changes.
* Free from wringing, so there is no interruption of work.
* Trouble-free operation for use with magnetic materials.
* Long life and rust-free, resulting in low maintenance costs.
* Steel Stands are optional.
* Free from burrs or protrusions because of the fine grain structure and insignificant stickiness; this ensures a high degree of flatness over a long service life and cause no damage to other parts or instruments.

Meiji Microscope EMT-1

:: Features
The MSM Series Stereo Microscope is available in two models - fixed magnification type (MSM-101/102) and zoom lens type (MSM-314/374). A fixed magnification lens makes the microscope ideal for regular and critical inspection of small parts. The magnification can be changed by replacing the eyepiece. The zoom type microscope provides continuously variable magnification as required.

:: Digimatic Outside Micrometer
:: 10X Len set
:: Digimatic Caliper
:: Height Gauge HDSM
:: SN325 Multilight Colour Matching Cabinet
:: Electronic Checking Scale
:: 2X Magnifying Lamp/Glass
:: Pin Gauge Set ( 1.55mm - 6.275mm )
:: Wide Scope Level
:: Radius Gauge Set ( 0.5mm - 13.0mm )

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